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Flying Instructor: Instructs student pilots in flight procedures and techniques and in ground school courses: Develops and prepares course outlines, study materials, and instructional procedures for students enrolled in basic, advanced, or instrument ground school. Lectures on various subjects, for example aircraft construction, federal aviation regulations, and radio navigation. Demonstrates operation of various aircraft components and instruments, and techniques for controlling aircraft during maneuvers, for example taxiing, takeoff, and landing, using synthetic instrument trainers. Observes student’s actions during training flights to ensure assimilation of classroom instruction and to comply with federal aviation regulations. Tests and evaluates students’ progress, using written and performance tests and oral interviews. May also teach advanced, basic, or instrument courses and be designated Ground Instructor, Advanced (education industry), Ground Instructor, Basic (education industry), Ground Instructor, Instrument (education industry). Must be certified by Federal Aviation Administration.

Job industry: education industry

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