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Flight Test Data Acquisition Technician: Alternate titles: data acquisition laboratory technician, technical aide, flight test data Sets up, operates, monitors, modifies, calibrates, and maintains computer systems and devices for acquisition and analysis of flight test data, utilizing knowledge of electronic theory and operation of computer systems: Reviews engineering notification of flight test to determine data required for post-flight analysis. Plans method and sequence of operations to acquire data, and sets up required electronic data acquisition, test, and measurement equipment and accessories. Inputs flight test data and program information into computer console for specific test requested. Enters commands to modify program to accommodate additional or revised test requirements. Calculates calibration values used as model for comparison and measurement of test data. Monitors lights, displays, and other operating features of computer equipment, for example console, receivers, and printers, to detect malfunctions and ensure integrity of processed data. Diagnoses cause of equipment malfunctioning, and adjusts, repairs, or replaces faulty components. Enters information to update flight test data base and to maintain records, for example electronic parts inventory and manuals for equipment maintenance and calibrations. Discusses flight test requirements and results with engineers and other personnel.

Job industry: aerospace industry

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