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Fire Warden: Administers fire prevention programs and enforces governmental fire regulations throughout assigned forest and logging areas: Inspects logging areas and forest tracts for fire hazards, for example accumulated wastes, hazardous storage or mishandling of fuels and solvents, defective engine exhaust systems, and unshielded electrical equipment. Examines and inventories water supplies and firefighting equipment, for example axes, firehoses, pumps, buckets, and chemical fire extinguishers to determine condition, amount, adequacy, and placement of materials with respect to governmental regulations and company rules. Prepares reports of conditions observed, issues directives and instructions for correcting violations, and reinspects areas to verify compliance. Directs maintenance and repair of firefighting tools and equipment and requisitions new equipment and materials to replace expended, lost, and broken items or add to inventory as required. Restricts public access and recreational use of forest lands during critical fire season. Gives directions to crew section on fireline during forest fire. May also direct FIRE RANGERS (forestry industry).

Job industry: forestry industry

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