Fiber Machine Tender: A description for the fiber machine tender job

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Fiber Machine Tender: Forming operator, sliver former, sliver handler Tends one or more machines that form fiberglass filaments from molten glass and combine filaments into sliver: Pulls fiberglass filaments extruded through bushing over sleeve where binding solution is applied and into groove of graphite shoe that binds filaments into single strand of sliver. Passes sliver strand through opening in floor to FLOOR WINDER (textile industry) on floor below who winds sliver onto tubes. Patrols and observes bushings to detect defects, for example clogged bushings, beads, bead straps, and defective binder applicators. Stops machine and removes beads or bead straps from bushing with wire pick to unclog bushing. Notifies YARDAGE-CONTROL OPERATOR, FORMING (glass industry) or FORMING-MACHINE ADJUSTER (glass industry) of defective product or machine operation. Turns petcocks to adjust flow of binding fluid to sleeves. May also turn rheostat to obtain specified temperature in electric furnace where glass is melted. May also fill furnace hopper with glass marbles and adjust feed mechanisms so that marbles enter furnace at specified rate. May also be designated according to length and fineness of fibers produced as Staple-Fiber-Machine Tender (glass industry).

Job industry: glass industry

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