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Eyelet Machine Operator – Button bradder, button clamper, button riveter, eyelet maker, eyelet riveter, eyeletter, grommet-machine operator, grommet maker Tends machine that crimps eyelets, grommets, snaps, buttons, or similar fasteners to material, for example cloth, canvas, paper, plastic, leather, or rubber to reinforce holes, attach fasteners, or to attach parts, by any of following methods: (a) Pours metal fasteners into hopper of machine. Positions material under machine head according to marking on machine bed or material. Depresses pedal to start machine that feeds fastener from fastener holder, lowers ram to force fastener through material and to crimp fastener edges into material, and material into position for succeeding fasteners. (b) Lays fastener in holder of machine. Positions material over fastener according to marks on material or prepunched holes in material. Depresses pedal to lower machine ram which forces edges of fastener into material. (c) Inserts bottom section of two piece fastener in slot in bed of machine and top section into hole in material. Depresses pedal to lower ram and rivet both sections together. May also locate and mark positions of fastener on material. May also tend machine that also punches holes for fasteners. May also be designated according to type of fastener used as Blind Eyeletter (shoes industry), Blind Hooker (shoes industry), according to part attached as Buckle-Attaching-Machine Operator (hat industry), Hook-and-Eye Attacher, Machine (clothing industry), or according to part made as Chin-Strap Maker (hat industry), Sweatband Maker (hat industry). May also be designated: Button-Attaching-Machine Operator (industry), Cap-And-Stud-Machine Operator (rubber goods), Fastener Attacher (industry), Gripper Attacher (industry), Snap Attacher (industry), Snap-Fastener-Machine Operator (industry).

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