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Embosser Operator – Calender operator, roll-embosser operator Sets up and operates machine to emboss designs on paper and plastics-coated textile and cut materials according to work orders: Positions material and pressure and engraved embossing rolls on machine frame, using hoist. Installs and adjusts cutting disks and fastens collars on shafts to secure rolls, using rule, wrench, and screwdriver. Threads material through rolls and around cutters, adjusts feed guides, and starts machine. Turns air valve to regulate pressure of pressing roll on embossing roll and turns handwheel to adjust tension on material. Observes feeding, embossing, and cutting of material, and makes adjustments. Scrapes dirt from pressing roll and cleans it with solvent. May also adjust counterweight device or move lever or clutch to regulate pressure on rolls. May also regulate flow of steam into rolls to counteract paper curling and to obtain desired depth of embossing and surface shine on paper. May also tend winding machine to wind material onto rolls. May also emboss paper between tinted rollers. May also feed paper sheets into machine and be designated Sheeter Operator (pulp and paper industry).

Job industry: paper industry

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