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Electrical Electronics Engineering Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to the application of the laws of electrical energy and the principles of engineering for the generation, transmission, and use of electricity. Also consists off the design and development of machinery and equipment for production and utilization of electric power. Accessory techniques needed are those used in mechanical and process engineering. Typical specializations are electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution, atomic power generation, electrical and electronic components, equipment, and systems manufacturing, radio and television broadcasting, telephone, telegraph, and electronic computer engineering, and bioengineering.

Job descriptions in this group:
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Test Engineer
Electrical Design Engineer
Electrical Prospecting Engineer
Electrical Research Engineer
Electronics Engineer
Electronics Design Engineer
Electronics Research Engineer
Electronics Test Engineer
Illuminating Engineer
Central Office Facilities Planning Engineer
Drafting And Printed Circuit Design Supervisor
Electrical Products Sales Engineer
Electronics Products And Systems Sales Engineer
Electrical Technician
Electronics Technician
Semiconductor Development Technician
Outside Plant Cable Engineer
Distribution Field Engineer
Power System Electrical Engineer
Electrolysis And Corrosion Control Engineer
Engineer Of System Development
Studio Operations Engineer In Charge
Transmitter Engineer In Charge
Induction Coordination Power Engineer
Outside Plant Engineer
Power Distribution Engineer
Power Transmission Engineer
Protection Engineer
Microwave Supervisor
Transmission And Protection Engineer
Electronics Engineering Manager
Central Office Equipment Engineer
Commercial Engineer
Customer Equipment Engineer
Instrumentation Technician
Controls Designer
Integrated Circuit Layout Designer
Printed Circuit Designer
Electrical Drafter
Electronic Drafter
Computer Aided Design Technician

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