Dye Automation Operator: A description for the dye automation operator job

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Dye Automation Operator: Controls and monitors programmed electronic equipment to bleach, dye, and finish cotton and synthetic sewing threads: Confers with operator of dye machines to obtain information needed to process customer orders, and records data, for example number of dyeing machines to be used, production order numbers, and color numbers specified for dye orders. Selects programmed procedures based on knowledge of dyeing processes and familiarity with affinity of dyes to specific thread types, or consults procedural manuals for data. Depresses keys of data-entry unit to enter required data into computer. Observes display screen to verify data entered, to ascertain computer response to instruction entered, and to determine compliance with procedural steps. Depresses keys to edit instructions when necessary and to input answers for primary or alternate steps in procedure. Hangs tags on dye board, during shift, to indicate steps in dyeing process for each machine. Confers with workers to determine reasons for delays in dyeing process, and examines dyeing machines and equipment to ascertain reason for malfunctions. Notifies supervisor of malfunctions, and records reasons for delays in log. Receives instructions from supervisor, for example alteration of dyeing temperature, omission of specific steps in dyeing process, or repetition of specific steps. Keys in dyeing instruction changes. Confers with operator on previous shift to ascertain drying steps to complete dyeing in progress.

Job industry: textile industry

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