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Drainage Design Coordinator: Plans, designs, and coordinates construction of drainage systems in irrigation district, based on knowledge of soils, slope of land, and availability and economic use of existing drainage canals: Requests engineering surveys and soil tests to determine surface profile, types of soil, and characteristics for example salinity, water table, and areas of subnormal crop growth. Studies data and sketches scale drawing of tile and open ditch drains for area, using triangles, scales, dividers, and other drawing instruments. Indicates depth, spacing, and size of tiling for crop area leading to district drainage canals. Considers drainage cost to improve fertility, at least cost to farmer and district. Recommends deepening of drainage canals when field elevation prevents gravity flow, or provides for installation of sumps and electric pumps to drain low areas. Arranges for sale to farmers of district approved drainage materials, for example concrete wells and pipes. Determines need for securing easements and right-of-way deeds for district drainage structures. Inspects completed systems to determine that installation conforms to plan.

Job industry: waterworks

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