Drafter: A description for the drafter job


Drafter: Prepares working plans and detail drawings from rough or detailed sketches and notes for engineering or manufacturing purposes according to dimensional specifications: Calculates and lays out dimensions, angles, curvature of parts, materials to be used, relationship of one part to another, and relationship of various parts to entire structure or project, utilizing knowledge of engineering practices, mathematics, building materials, manufacturing technology, and related physical sciences. Creates preliminary or final sketch of proposed drawing, using standard drafting techniques and devices, for example drawing board, T-square, protractor, and drafting machine, or using computer-assisted design/drafting equipment. Modifies drawings as directed by engineer or architect. Classifications are made according to type of drafting, for example electrical, electronic, aeronautical, civil, mechanical, or architectural.

Other master job titles:
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Sales Representative
Automatic Sewing-Machine Operator
Regular Equipment Sewing-Machine Operator
Supervisor 1
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Facilities Design Engineer

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