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Custom Shoemaker – Makes boots and shoes, using hand and machine tools: Makes patterns, using form of foot and pattern paper, and outlines patterns on leather. Cuts out parts with shears and knife, and sews them together on machine to form uppers. Marks eyelets, punches them out, and inserts metal rings and clinches them on machine. Assembles last and attaches it to stand. Tacks insole on last and draws upper over last, tacking it in place. Trims upper with knife and sews on welt. Attaches outer sole to lasted upper by sewing it on or by roughening surface of sole with rasp and wire brush, coating it with cement and hammering it. Tacks on rand, leather lifts to build heel base, and heel. Trims and buffs edges of sole and heel, using knife and buffing wheel. Brushes dressing dye on shoe and polishes it by holding it against rotating brush. May also roughen outsole and cement rubber or fiber sole to it. May also design and make women’s fashion or custom shoes of materials, for example leather, fabric, and straw and be designated Custom-Shoe Designer And Maker (shoes industry).

Job industry: shoes industry

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