Cultured Marble Products Maker: A description for the cultured marble products maker job

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Cultured Marble Products Maker: Casts and molds cultured marble products, for example sink basins and wall panels: Calculates amount of material, for example ground marble, resin, and catalyst, needed to make products, utilizing specifications on work order. Weighs materials, using scales, and pours materials into mixing machine. Pours specified amount of material into pail, adds color, and mixes ingredients to impart color to products, using wood paddle. Applies wax to mold sections to facilitate separation of products from molds, using cloth. Assembles cast, using bolts, and attaches sink mold to cast, using clamps. Sprays smoothing agent on mold and cast prior to pouring material. Pours material from mixing machine into cast on vibrating table, and applies colored mix randomly to material to impart marble appearance to product. Positions sink mold on previously cast product, and applies layers of mix by hand to form sinks. Disassembles mold, using handtools, and places products on racks for curing. Trims flash from molds, using portable sander or grinding wheel. Polishes surfaces of products to remove blemishes, using pumice and powered polisher.

Job industry: stone industry

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