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Core Composer Feeder – Tenderizer tender Tends machine that trims uneven edges of veneer sheets and tenderizes (indents and breaks wood fibers of) veneer for composing into plywood core sheets: Pushes buttons and pedal to start machine and to raise veneer stack on lift table to feeding height. Aligns uneven edges of veneer sheets on lift table, using shadow line, and feeds sheets into machine for trimming and tenderizing. Observes veneer sheets discharged from tenderizer machine onto feed conveyor of core composer machine and slackens feeding pace as necessary to reduce detected pile ups. Observes stacker lift table at discharge end of core composer machine and activates conveyor to remove full stacks and reposition stacker lift table for next stack. Occasionally measures moisture content of veneer prior to tenderizing, using moisture meter, and removes veneer containing excessive moisture for redrying.

Job industry: wood industry

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