Convolute Tube Winder: A description for the convolute tube winder job

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Convolute Tube Winder – Sets up and operates machine to form convolute tubes used for fiber cans or containers: Installs and adjusts winding mandrel, gluing and labeling attachments, and slitting and cutting knives, using handtools. Places roll of paper on machine feedrack and threads paper through gluing, coating, and slitting rollers. Fills glue and paraffin reservoirs, and loads stacks of labels in labeling device or adjusts feeding mechanism. Sets paper feeding timer for specified number of turns. Starts machine and turns wheels and dials to regulate tension on pressure rolls, speed of gluing and coating rollers, temperature of paraffin reservoir, and machine feed speed. Examines cut-labeled tubes for defects, for example misplaced or wrinkled labels, uneven or excessive glue and paraffin distribution, and uneven winding of paper strips. May also cut labels to specified dimensions, using hand or powered paper cutter. May also attach threading or forming fixture to machine that thread end of tube or shape it into box form.

Job industry: paper industry

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