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Coating Machine Operator 1: Candy polisher, coater, finisher, glazer, glosser, pan operator, polisher Operates machine to coat items, for example candy, nuts, and chewing gum tablets, with syrup, wax coloring matter, or other material to provide specified finish or polish: Dumps product into pan and starts pan revolving. Pours specified quantity of syrup over whirling candy or other product, and passes hands through batch to spread syrup uniformly. Turns steam valve and observes thermometer to regulate pan temperature, according to changes in atmospheric conditions, or when hard coatings have been specified. Examines and feels product to determine adequacy of coating, and applies successive charges of syrup until specified coating thickness is attained. Adds flavoring and coloring ingredients in final coating, as specified. May also mix together and apply emulsified or dry ingredients, for example gum solution, cornstarch, and powdered sugar to product. May also transfer contents to polishing pans and add specified ingredients to polish coating. May also set temperature controls and start blower to dry syrup. May also be designated according to product coated or polished as Almond-Pan Finisher (sugar industry), Chocolate-Peanut Coating-Machine Operator (sugar industry), Gum Coater (sugar industry).

Job industry: sugar industry

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