Cloth Washer Operator: A description for the cloth washer operator job

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Cloth Washer Operator: Washing-machine operator Tends machines that wash or treat cloth with chemicals preparatory to or after processes, for example bleaching, dyeing, printing, and finishing: Pushes truck of cloth into feeding position or mounts roll of cloth on shaft at feed-end of machine. Sews end of cloth to leader in machine, using portable sewing machine. Turns valves to admit water, detergents, caustic, acids, steam, or other chemicals into washing tanks according to specifications. Starts machine and observes flow of cloth through machine to detect tears in cloth. Stops machine, disentangles tear-outs, and knots selvages of torn cloth by hand. Tests solutions in washing tanks by titration or using litmus paper or hydrometer. Adds water, detergents, or chemicals to washing tanks to dilute or strengthen solutions as indicated by tests. May also be designated according to chemicals used in washing tanks as Acid-Washer Operator (textile industry), Naphthol-Soaping-Machine Operator (textile industry), according to objective of washing as Cloth Neutralizer (textile industry), or according to type of cloth as Back-Gray-Cloth Washer (textile industry). May also tend machines consisting of series of tanks that process cloth in open-width or rope form. Important variables may also be indicated by trade names of machines used.

Job industry: textile industry

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