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Civil Engineering Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to the planning, design, and construction of structures and facilities, for example buildings, bridges, roads, harbors, airfields, dams, tunnels, and water supply and sewage systems. Also included are jobs regarding to the engineering aspects of environmental health systems and urban planning or renewal. Frequently requires a knowledge of industrial trends, population growth, zoning laws, and state and local building codes and ordinances. Accessory techniques needed are those used in agricultural, ceramic, chemical, electrical, geological, mechanical, metallurgical, and mining engineering. Typical specializations are structures, hydraulics, transportation systems, sanitation, water utility systems, airports, city planning, environmental protection, construction, engineering mechanics, irrigation and drainage, power, soil mechanics and foundations, pipeline engineering, and waterways and harbors.

Job descriptions in this group:
Airport Engineer
Civil Engineer
Hydraulic Engineer
Irrigation Engineer
Railroad Engineer
Sanitary Engineer
Structural Engineer
Transportation Engineer
Radioactive Materials Waste Management Engineer
Waterworks Chief Engineer
Drainage Design Coordinator
Forest Engineer
Highway Administrative Engineer
Track Production Engineer
Civil Engineering Technician
Civil Drafter
Structural Drafter

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