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Chemical Engineering Technician: Applies chemical engineering principles and technical skills to assist CHEMICAL ENGINEER (professional industry) in developing, improving, and testing chemical-plant processes, products, and equipment: Prepares charts, sketches, diagrams, flow charts, and compiles and records engineering data to clarify design details or functional criteria of chemical processing and physical operation units. Participates in fabricating, installing, and modifying equipment to ensure that critical standards are met. Tests developmental equipment and formulates standard operating procedures. Tests processing equipment and instruments to observe and record operating characteristics and performance of specified design or process. Observes chemical or physical operation processes and recommends modification or change. Observes and confers with equipment operators to ensure specified techniques are used. Writes technical reports and submits finding to CHEMICAL ENGINEER (professional industry). Performs preventive and corrective maintenance of chemical processing equipment. May also prepare chemical solutions for use in processing materials, for example synthetic textiles, detergents, and fertilizers following formula. May also set up test apparatus. May also instruct or direct activities of technical personnel. May also assist in developing and testing prototype processing systems and be designated Chemical-Engineering Technician, Prototype-Development (professional industry). May also assist in development of pilot-plant units and be designated Pilot-Plant Research-Technician (petroleum industry).

Job industry: professional industry

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