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Bookbinding Machine Operators And Related Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to gathering, folding, sewing, and stapling signatures to form magazines, pamphlets, or books, affixing covers to sewn signatures, compressing books to size, stiffening backs of book bodies with glue, forming joints of book covers and bodies, reinforcing backs of books with fabric strips, gluing cover boards to end sheets, and drying books.

Job descriptions in this group:
Bindery Supervisor
Casing In Line Setter
Bindery Machine Setter
Folding Machine Operator 5
Collating Machine Operator
Stitching Machine Operator
Publications Inspector
Book Sewing Machine Operator 2
Covering Machine Operator
Head Bander And Liner Operator
Tinning Machine Set Up Operator
Bindery Worker 1
Book Sewing Machine Operator 1
Case Making Machine Operator
Magazine Repairer
Rounding And Backing Machine Operator
Spiral Binder
Casing In Line Feeder
Bindery Machine Feeder Offbearer

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