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Book Trimmer – Bindery operator, multiple-knife-edge-trimmer operator, shearing-machine operator, trimmer operator, three knife Tends paper-cutting machine that cuts edges of bound and unbound books, periodicals, catalogs, and directories to specified size for binding and rebinding: Reads instructions on worksheet to ascertain machine setting requirements. Inserts or replaces knives in trimmer and adjusts guides to trim head (top), tail (bottom), and fore (front) edges of book to specified dimensions, and locks sections in place. Starts machine for test run, and examines finished book body to ensure finished sample meets job order specifications and book body sample. Loads book bodies into feed receptacle of machine. Starts machine and observes operation. Examines book bodies to ensure specifications are met. Observes operation of machine during production run. Stops machine when machine malfunctions and adjusts knives and guides as required. Replenishes supply of book bodies periodically. May also tend manually operated trimmer, jogging book bodies to align edges and placing book body against three sections of guide in turn to trim three edges of book. Depresses treadle or lever to clamp cut edges at each position. May also be required to watch for colored markers between pages that indicate narrow margins and foldouts when positioning edges of book bodies against guides. May also stack books as they are trimmed. May also operate cutter to cut cardboard, paper, or book covers to specified size. May also push cart stacked with books to next work station.

Job industry: printing industry

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