Barrel Assembler 1: A description for the barrel assembler 1 job

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Barrel Assembler 1 – Assembles, tests, and adjusts mainspring barrel assembly, using watchmaker’s tools, handpress, and loupe: Attaches inner coil of mainspring to arbor of hand-operated mainspring winder, and winds spring within body of winder. Inserts wound spring into mainspring barrel, utilizing plunger inside winder. Presses barrel arbor into position and turns arbor until hook in arbor engages hole in center of coiled spring, using tweezers. Places drop of oil on spring, using hypodermic syringe. Presses barrel cover into place, using handpress. Moves arbor up and down to test endshake (vertical clearance of arbor between cover and bottom of barrel), using tweezers and loupe. Corrects insufficient or excessive endshake [BARREL-ENDSHAKE ADJUSTER (watches industry)]. May also press rounded punch against barrel hub to correct side-shake (clearance between arbor and barrel hole).

Job industry: watches industry

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