Baking Drying And Heat Treating Jobs: A description for the baking drying and heat treating jobs group

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Baking Drying And Heat Treating Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to raising, lowering, or maintaining the temperature of materials to effect their physical composition and facilitate further processing. Includes such activities as firing terra cotta, treating formed glass with heat or cold to relieve or redistribute internal stresses and effect such characteristics as hardness and ductility, and removing liquid and moisture from materials.

Job descriptions in this group:
Burning Supervisor
Dry Kiln Operator
Rotary Kiln Operator 1
Spray Drier Operator
Tunnel Kiln Operator
Lime Kiln Operator 1
Oven Tender 4
Kiln Firer 1
Kiln Drawer
Kiln Burner
Steam Tank Operator
Kiln Door Builder
Annealer 2
Clay Roaster
Glazing Machine Operator
Kiln Operator Helper 1
Lehr Tender
Lens Hardener
Regenerator Operator
Oven Press Tender 1
Oven Press Tender 2
Brake Lining Curer
Fusing Furnace Loader
Glass Vial Bending Conveyor Feeder
Kiln Placer
Dry Kiln Operator Helper
Kiln Cleaner
Kiln Worker
Kiln Burner Helper
Setter Helper
Sorter 2
Tile Sorter

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