Asbestos Brake Lining Finisher: A description for the asbestos brake lining finisher job

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Asbestos Brake Lining Finisher: Impregnator operator Tends tanks that impregnate asbestos lining stock with asphalt solution: Loads vacuum tank with rolls of asbestos lining, using hoist. Turns valves to admit specified quantities of asphalt solution into tank. Turns steam valves to heat tanks, observes temperature control chart, and adjusts coolant valves to maintain temperature within specified limits. Transfers impregnated rolls of asbestos from tank to oven, using hoist. Allows material to heat for specified time to complete impregnating process. Starts blower to dry and exhaust fumes from asbestos. May also standardize width and thickness of asbestos lining [CALENDER-MACHINE OPERATOR (abrasive)]. May also test impregnated stock to ensure conformance to specifications, using brake-testing machine. May also deliver samples to control laboratory. May also tend mixing machine to prepare impregnating solution.

Job industry: abrasive

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