Abrading Jobs: A description for the abrading jobs group

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Abrading Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to smoothing, polishing, sharpening, or cutting through or into metal objects by the wearing away action of abrasives. The smoothing, polishing, sharpening, or shaping of nonmetallic materials, except wood, are also included when the methods and machine tools commonly applied to the machining of metal are used.

Job descriptions in this group:
Grinding Supervisor
Filing And Polishing Supervisor
Thread Tool Grinder Set Up Operator
External Tool Grinder Operator
Surface Tool Grinder Operator
Tool Grinder Operator
Internal Grinder Set Up Operator
Jig Grinder Set Up Operator
Universal Grinder Set Up Operator
Honing Job Setter
Tool Grinder Operator 1
Buffing Line Set Up Worker
Grinder Machine Setter
Buffing Machine Operator
Centerless Grinder Set Up Operator
Honing Machine Set Up Operator
Tool Honing Machine Set Up Operator
Lapping Machine Set Up Operator
Printing Roller Polisher
Grinder Set Up Operator
Knife Grinder
Strip Deburrer
Grinder 2
Production Honing Machine Operator
Tool Grinder 2
Buffing Machine Tender
Silverware Buffing Machine Operator
Linter Saw Sharpener
Mirror Finishing Machine Operator
Polishing Machine Operator
Drill Bit Sharpener
Band Reamer Machine Operator
Inside Barrel Polisher
Bevel Polisher
Bit Sharpener
Bit Sharpener Operator
Bottom Polisher
Brush Polisher
Machine Burrer
Flat Polisher
Automatic Grinder Operator
Grinding Machine Tender
Lap Grinder
Production Lapping Machine Operator
Shot Grinder Operator
Bevel Face Stoner And Polisher
Polishing Machine Operator Helper
Printed Circuit Board Panels Deburrer

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